A Strong Future for the 2nd District and the City

Councilman Geoff Rizzo
Torrance City Council, 2nd District

Public Safety

Who better to keep our families safe than a retired Torrance Police Lieutenant who patrolled the West End over his 30 years on the force? Geoff’s strong working relationships with Police and Fire and his keen understanding of public safety means we can rest easy knowing he’ll continue to:

  • Ensure Police have the resources and training they need to maintain excellent services and first-rate, proactive policing
  • Provide the Torrance Fire Department with the support it needs to remain an ISO Class 1 premier all-risk safety organization – one of the best in the nation
  • Continue to equip Police, Fire and Paramedics with state-of-the-art, life saving technology and equipment
  • Promote additional ways to ease traffic congestion, improve intersections and reduce collisions

City Services

Who better to ensure the 2nd District has safe, well-lit, clean streets and parks and vital infrastructure improvements than a lifetime Southwood resident, former youth sports coach and scout leader? Geoff Rizzo is a good neighbor and strong councilmember who is 100% dedicated to maintaining our communities with:

  • Road and sidewalk maintenance and repair
  • Regular tree maintenance, planting and trimming
  • Replacement of water mains and the Wellfield water project
  • The Hawthorne and Crenshaw Blvd rehabilitation projects
  • A new transportation center and transportation fiber network communication system

Quality of Life

Who better to preserve the character and quiet charm of the 2nd District than a life-long resident who went to our schools, volunteers for our residents and has cared for senior family members? Geoff will help preserve our unique way of life by:

  • Fostering a city government works for all of our citizens
  • Working with the School District to ensure excellence in education
  • Working with the residents of the 2nd District to ensure the City’s plans reflect the community’s values
  • Promoting accountability and transparency on the Council

Integrity.  Committment.  Experience.  Community.





Vote for Councilman Geoff Rizzo

March 3, 2020